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James Callan Associates LLC, headed and founded by experienced Washington, DC executive Jim Callan (pictured above), serves national and state organizations and corporations in Washington, DC, representing their interests before Congress, Federal regulatory agencies, and the Administration.  As the Founder/CEO, Callan works closely with Congress, the executive branch and third-party allies, such as national and state agriculture, food, milling, and processing organizations. Founded in 2011, the firm advises and successfully teams with clients to assist them in strengthening their government relations, leading to tangible results in meeting business objectives.  He is assisted by Jane Wendelin, who has more than 30 years of experience in administration and financial management, and a network of experienced Washington, DC policy experts.  The firm is featured in Bloomberg's business profile:  


Callan is available to speak on and write about current and future perspectives in America's Farm Policy including key regulatory and legislative developments, as well as related fiscal and budgetary issues.  He has hosted or co-hosted several webinars and teleconferences on these subject matters for a variety of audiences.

To contact the firm by email:  jamescallan@msn.com or jamescallan1@gmail.com

Callan brings more than 25 years of professional experience in Washington, D.C. having served in senior-level appointed positions at USDA under former President George W. Bush, on Capitol Hill for a Member of Congress, as executive director of a national association, as an executive with two other associations, and vice president at the world's largest public affairs and public relations firm.  He brings a range of experiences and successes on an array of policy issues, working effectively with both sides of the aisle and both houses of Congress.

His expertise is in providing strategic counsel and implementing legislative and regulatory goals, maintaining numerous contacts within government and among ally groups, and working with the media.  Callan speaks to business, insurance, and agriculture audiences, and gives speeches on U.S. agriculture policy and the Farm Bill, and presentations on working in Washington, DC.  He has been interviewed by national and local media, and was recognized for his work with the agricultural aviators following 9/11, and by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture while at USDA.  To read what others say, go to Testimonials page.

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Providing specialty services for clients on Federal legislation 

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